Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lady Portia: Raising the Vibration of Others

Lady Portia is the twin ray/flame of sweet St Germain. There is a lovely biography on selftransform.net.

Lady Portia has begun to impart knowledge to us, which we are happy to share it with you. Here is the first channelling.

27 SEPTEMBER, 2011
I am Lady Portia, the twin flame of our beloved St Germain, keeper of the violet flame.
He keeps the flame.
I keep him. [laughs]
We are one
as we are one with all.
We are your site of transmutation.
We are your contact at this frequency.
We are your sister and brother.
We love you.

I am moved by this. We love you and we exist in all dimensions to aid you on your glorious ascension.

There are those who will never know as you know us.
In your kindness and greatness of spirit, you bring them to us on a higher level of frequency then they will consciously know. you find their upper vibration and you bring them to us.

You the lightworkers, this is your duty which you do so beautifully, and with such honour for us, and we honour you and love you.

It is said that it is incorrect to intervene when help has not been requested, and this is true on the human physical-emotional-mental levels. On the spiritual level it may done, in that you comunicate only from your pure oversoul, your highest self.
Any agenda will... break the connection and nothing will transmute.
Spirit to spirit you may heal without the direct request of the other — and then still, they may reject it.

You may offer them transmutation in the violet fire, and they may reject it.
Or they may accept it! It is all in divine right order.

Now. There are many, however, who can be 'brought up' in spirit.
It is effortless to do this.
They are wishing and wanting — oh — here is thought, in a high deep level of spirit:
They have communicated their willingness in spirit and seek out one such as YOU to bring them up—
Like mothers and fathers. Oh, this is a beautiful thing.
You are the mothers and fathers of the new earth!
Blessings on you beloved ones.

Beloved ones! Say:
Holy Mother, Holy Daughter, Holy Son, Holy Father,
I invoke you in love and trust and honour
and ask for your help
in lifting the vibration of those souls in need,
of those souls who need us,
the lightworkers of this age.
Please raise them up
as we in gratitude thank them
for allowing us to do our jobs.
They are here to be raised
through no ignorance of their own
but through their pure
I leave everything in Divine Right Order for the greatest good and the highest joy of all concerned.
I will to will Thy will.

This is beautiful work and it is essential
you may find it easy, so easy that it seems like nonsense.
If it is easy for you, then you have much, much work of this type to do.

You ask about my beloved St Germain.
He is an enigma — but with a beautiful smile and a twinkling eye.
When you meet a person with whom you connect directly, but briefly, know that you have met him in some form. When you hear a whisper

in you ear of knowledge
you knew you had, then I
have passed in and out of your beautiful mind.

That is all. This is the first.

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